John Storer Charnwood

John Storer Charnwood is an independent charity serving the communities of Charnwood by supporting local voluntary activity both by individuals and community organisations.

We aim to be at the heart of the community, working in partnership with other Voluntary & Community Sector groups to improve opportunities for and the well-being of the people of Charnwood.

We run John Storer House, a vibrant, multi-use community centre providing an array of services and facilities and offering activities throughout the day and evening and at weekends too.

But that’s just a part of what we are and what we do.  Click on the boxes below for information on our services, activities and facilities.

Amount of drinks sold in the financial year 2016 to 2017

Well being Meals Provided in the financial year 2016/17

Hours volunteered to JSC in the financial year 2016/17

Total passengers journeys in the financial year 2016 to 2017