50/50 Club Renewal

We would like to thank all of our members of the 50/50 Club for making it such a success this year.  Each subscriber pays £1.00 per month (payable in one yearly block of £12.00 if you pay in October). If you would like to join part way through the year, you may. To join in June, you would pay £3 and your number would be entered for the first time in the July draw. You can pay for more than one number if you wish.
The prize money depends on the number of people taking part, therefore, the more subscribers, the higher the prize will be.

50% of the income will be allocated to prize money, and 50% to JSH. Do think about joining us as all the money raised is used towards the refurbishment of the building.

Please ask one of our volunteers at the Welcome and Help Desk or any member of staff who will be pleased to help you.