Belly Dancing In Wellbeing Group

Sophie Seniuk, former volunteer, visited our Well-being participants and performed some belly dancing routines and light teaching.  

Sophie loves to dance and has been belly dancing for 20 years.  

She treated the group to a diverse range of dances which included brightly coloured costumes and fans. There were also coin belts, and other waist ties for the participants, as she taught some moves, including rolls, hand movements and lots of shimmies.  

The participants have memory loss and dementia and enjoyed being able to move, trying something different and listening to new music.  The dance experience was a big success- Sophie is planning to return to JSH soon to give some more performances.  

Music and movement has many therapeutic benefits for people with memory loss and dementia. At John Storer House, we provide a range of stimulating activities in a safe environment for people with disabilities and additional needs. For more information about our well-being activities please contact