Cancer Self-Help Group (CSHG)

The CSHG meet at John Storer House every Monday evening and offers emotional and practical support for those suffering from cancer, and their families/ carers.

November dates:
Monday 5th: Caring and Sharing
Monday 12th: Caring and Sharing
Monday 19th: Tai Chi
Monday 26th: Caring and Sharing

A message from the Cancer Self-Help Group:

The group has met every Monday for 35 years and for most of that time it has been at John Storer House who are very supportive.  Without their support  we would not be able to meet and continue to support cancer sufferers, their family friends and carers.  The group is open to anyone touched by cancer and although it is called the Cancer Self-Help Group Loughborough it is open to anyone from anywhere.

The Group is totally self funded and relies on donations.  However, last month we became one of the local Charities to be approved to be a part of the new Charnwood Lottery.  Anyone can support us by signing up, it costs £1 per week and there is  a chance of winning £25,000. For every £1 spent we get 50p back which means if we sign 20 people we get £500.  That is a massive amount to us.  Please consider subscribing to the lottery and making us your chosen charity.