Covid-19 VCS Response

We have been asked by Charnwood Borough Council to coordinate a database of the Charnwood Voluntary & Community Sector’s capabilities and issues in response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus).  We would be grateful if you could complete the following questionnaire and get it back to me by return.

We are hoping to complete a gaps analysis and be able to compile a list of volunteers who are willing to help out in the broader community.  They may be able to do this because the service you usually offer will no longer be provided, or it just maybe that they want to do something extra.

Please note, we will be sharing the data collected with Charnwood Borough Council and potentially its strategic partners.

Thanks in advance.

  1. What services are you continuing to provide (we are aware that the situation is changing regularly)?
  2. What are you unable to continue to offer?
  3. What gaps in services to vulnerable or isolated people are you concerned this will create?
  4. What facilities do you have? (i.e., kitchen capacity, minibuses)
  5. If you are reducing the services you currently provide, does this free up your capacity in any other way?


  1. Could you survey your volunteers and ask them if they are willing/able to volunteer in a broader capacity, if required. Could you also indicate whether they have a DBS certificate?  Please let them know we will be sharing the information with CBC and strategic partners.  If you have had any enquiries already, please point people to us.  They can also contact us directly if they wish to offer themselves as volunteers on or telephone 01509 631750.