Developments in the Building

We have just completed the second side of the Fielding Room kitchen. This will give us much needed storage space and a great worktop space for developing cooking skills with our groups.

The long-awaited toilet upgrades will start on March 16th with Aqua Solutions Team Ltd installing the new Changing Places bathroom. It is hoped this work will be completed by early April. This facility will be an asset, not only for our customers, but for the wider community and will be registered on the website.

We will then be starting the refurbishment of the upstairs toilets during the spring. This will necessitate the temporary closure of the Shop as the works to the upstairs toilet require a complete re-fit of the pipe-work back to the manhole. This pipe-work runs through the Shop. We will use this time to revamp the Shop. More details to follow.

Unfortunately, the downstairs toilet upgrades have been delayed due to necessary, significant and expensive drain works. We are going to tackle the drain programme in three phases and it will take some months to complete.

In the meantime, we have some remedial plumbing work done to improve some of the challenges. We continue to value your support and patience and hope that you will feel it was worth the wait once we have completed all the work.