Painter and Decorator and Handy Person Start Sprucing Up John Storer House

John Storer House looks good for room hire

We have two new volunteers making the place look better…

Stuart volunteers despite being busy as the owner of a construction business. He tidied up all the old fixings and plugs and smoothed the plaster in the entrance ready for painting. Last week Gio painted the walls, this week he’s on the woodwork.

I asked Gio where to get paint and he immediately recommended Brewers in Clarence Street. He’s a professional so I was a little daunted because when I paint I get more on the furniture (via my hands and clothes) than on the walls.

I needn’t have been worried because Jenny at Brewers was incredibly helpful and walked me through all the choices so I got exactly what I needed.

John Storer House looks good for room hire